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Coleman® Kids Adventure Kit


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You cant have an adventure without a Coleman Kids Adventure Kit. This kit provides six different tools essential for any young explorer. The 4×30 power binoculars let them scout out new places in the great outdoors. Once theyve determined a destination the liquid-filled compass can help them find their way. A thermometer lets them keep an eye on the conditions during their travels. Once theyve arrived the flip-out magnifying glass makes it easy to examine the area in fine detail and they can signal their friends with the whistle if they find something interesting. No matter where your kids end up they can always keep a log of their adventures with the waterproof notepad and relive every moment again and again.

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-3-piece kit includes 6 tools: binoculars waterproof note pad with pencil utility key chain (whistle compass thermometer magnifying glass)
-4×30 power binoculars let the kids easily scout out some fun
-Waterproof note pad with pencil for taking notes of your adventures in almost any condition
-Liquid-filled compass on the utility key chain provides reliable direction readings
-Fun designs with glow-in-the-dark logos

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