Skip your usual wine or beer this weekend and try your hand at mixology. These cocktails require less than 5 ingredients and take less than 5 steps to whip up – perfect for first-timers and experienced bartenders pressed for time.



Pineapple Coconut Champagne Mimosa


Give your usual brunch mimosa a twist by swapping out OJ for pineapple and coconut juice. If you’re looking to impress, the coconut flake rim is a crowdpleaser!

Tip: Instead of using bottled juice that’s often packed with extra sugar and preservatives, take advantage of our fresh tropical fruits and use fresh juice to create a healthier cocktail.

White Sangria with Mangoes and Berries


Spain’s most popular alcoholic export gets a twist by swapping red wine for white and switching apples and oranges for mangoes and berries. An easy large batch cocktail, it’s perfect for family gatherings or barkada hangouts.

Tip: If you have time to spare, make this ahead the night before to allow the fruits to infuse with the wine. Plus it’ll be extra cold when serving!



Garden Party Mule


Move aside Moscow Mule, there’s a new Mule in town – and it’s a cross between a Moscow Mule and PIMM’s. It’s best served in copper mugs, but we won’t judge if you drink it straight from the pitcher!

Tip: Play around with the look of your cocktail. You can use edible flowers, sprigs of herbs or carefully cut fruits and vegetables to create your very own look.

Dirty Martini


It’s a classic for a reason. Simple and elegant, this dirty martini is stirred not shaken. Despite what James Bond might have you think, shaking a martini changes the texture and can dilute your drink.

Tip: Even if it’s a classic, you can still experiment to find a martini made just for you.Try different types of brine and gins in different quantities to discover what you like.



Pomelo Mojito


This 3-minute cocktail is picture perfect and so easy to make. It’s the perfect cocktail to whip up when you have some unexpected company. If you don’t have a muddler, you can always use the blunt end of a wooden spoon.

Tip: To create a slightly sweeter and more refreshing drink, swap grapefruit for pomelo. Pomelo will also be easier to find and is available in most supermarkets.

Classic Margarita


Think of this drink as an upgrade from Bora days. It’s all natural and can also be made as a large batch cocktail. Cheers!

Tip: Add a Filipino twist by swapping lime juice for calamansi juice and using honey instead of agave nectar.




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