Imagine this: You take a peek outside your window and notice how beautiful the weather today is. Dressing up in your most fashionable summertime look, you head right out ready to bask in the warmth of the summer sun. After a couple of minutes, you begin to feel the tiny “tap, tap, tap” on your face and realize that people around you have begun running towards the nearest shade and have started to put up their umbrellas. Soon enough that soft drizzle turns into heavy rainfall and begins to soaks you from head to toe so you put on your best coat to keep you dry. A few minutes later, the skies begin to clear and Mr. Sun greets you back with his warmest hugs. Most people have been there—being caught in the middle of unpredictable and even extreme weather outbursts. If you are tired of falling victim to this situation, here are 7 tips to keep you prepared:

1. Take your vitamins

Being exposed to extreme weather conditions may result in you becoming ill; the best way to prevent this from happening is by being proactive. Boost up your immune system by always taking your vitamins.

2. Drink lots of water

More often than not, the unpredictable weather will bring your mood down by making your day-to-day tasks more difficult. Staying hydrated has a lot of benefits and, believe it or not, research actually suggests that drinking water may improve your mood so don’t forget to grab that Coleman jug and chug chug chug!

3. More nutrition and less of the junk

Again, your immune system is queen to the hive so invest proactively by boosting it with nutrition. Check your daily meal intakes; avoid making unhealthy food choices to better prevent potential illnesses the weather may bring.

4. Update yourself with weather reports

Become one step ahead of the weather by consulting weather forecasts. This will help you better prepare for potential weather intermittencies.

5. Keep your mobile phones charged

With the advent of technology, mobile phones have become quite an essential for most people of today’s time. Nothing can be more frustrating than being caught up in the rain with a dead phone and having no one to ask for help so don’t forget to keep your mobile devices charged.

6. Bring an umbrella

The umbrella: probably one of the most innovative classic inventions of all time to have helped humans combat the harsh weather. Always bring this essential to better prepare yourself from sudden weather fluctuations.

7. Equip yourself with a Coleman PVC Rain Suit

Umbrellas are great but rain wears are better! Coleman Rain Wears are lightweight, easy to pack, and provide better mobility when in the rain. Get yourself one today to eliminate the hassle of having to bring that heavy jacket.


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