Set up your backyard into an outdoor cinema and screen the scariest movies. 

Make use of that beautiful lawn in the comfort of your own home and set up a small cinema in your backyard.

You can pop those popcorns with Coleman’s popcorn popper and enjoy them cheesy or sweet.

Enjoy lying down while watching those scary movies. Here are some movie suggestions: The Conjuring series, Insidious series – and if you want some suspense or thrillers – Truth or Dare and A Quiet Place are a great choice.



Go camping and share spooky ghost stories. 

Enjoy the fresh air outdoors by setting up a spooky camp.

Huddle by the bonfire and share some thrilling ghost stories.

Sit comfortably while you enjoy each other’s company on Coleman Camping Chairs.

Or you can grab those you beers you chilled the night before in your Coleman Cooler to boost your camp night.



Play some bobbing apples. 

Fill those coolers with water, throw in some apples, and enjoy some water splashing by playing bobbing apples!.



Invite some friends over for dinner. 

Instead of throwing a crazy party, may invite some friends or relatives over for a delicious meal. Set up a photo booth to save those memories and make some homemade lemonade in Coleman party stacker jugs to share with your guests.



Set up those blanket forts and read classic horror novels. 

Everybody enjoys building blanket forts and staying up for some adventures that go beyond your imagination. Why not put up a blanket fort and engross yourself in a book filled with mysteries and horror that are sure to leave you with goosebumps?



Light up the fort with Coleman lanterns, which is available for both kids and adults.

4D Rugged LED Lantern Kids LED Adventure Lantern
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