If you think the biggest reason to go camping is to take that iconic Instagram shot at the peak of the mountain, think again. We’ve rounded up five reasons on why camping should be on your summer bucket list – and one of those reasons is an electronic detox!

  1. Mental Health

We might love the convenience of city life, but humans are built for the outdoors. Research has found that being surrounded by nature and being close to bodies of water (like lakes, streams and waterfalls) helps to calm and soothe us.

  1. Electronic Detox

When was the last time you unplugged? And no, running out of battery on a late night out doesn’t count. After snapping the Instagram shot, take advantage of the opportunity to unplug and truly be present. Switch your phone to flight mode or better yet, turn it off completely. Who knows you might spot a shooting star you might have otherwise missed.

  1. Learn New Skills

We know camping is a great way to learn practical life skills like fishing or starting a fire, but it can also be a chance to improve on soft skills. Being in the outdoors with limited resources encourages you to be a creative problem solver and working with others to set up a camp site can help strengthen your teamwork and communication skills.

  1. Friendships

There’s something about calling that fosters new friendships and strengthens old ones. When we camp with others, we all tend to work towards a similar goal and start to rely on each other in ways we might not in everyday life. Late night talks around the campfire also have a way of bringing out heart to heart chats, nostalgic stories and hilarious kwentuhans.

  1. Burn Calories

If you’re looking for a fun workout, trekking and hiking should be on your radar. It’s a total body workout! Aside from working out your lower body, you’re also using your core for stability and getting your arms pumping too. Plus, trekking burns roughly the same amount of calories as a moderate run.


Go out and explore the Philippines this summer season. Don’t forget to bring all your camping essentials to have a cool outdoor experience. Tag us on your camping photos using any #ColemanPH items! #KeepItCoolWithColeman!

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