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The best family vacations are often recalled by, “Do you remember when…”. For a holiday to remember, why not take your family camping? Read more to learn our top five reasons on why your next vacation should involve pitching a tent and a night watching the stars.

1.Budget-Friendly Holiday

Once you have the gear, camping is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy a family vacation. Simply load your tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear into your car and drive off! You won’t need to splurge on hotels, flights or souvenirs.


2. Healthy Meals

Family vacations usually means eating out, and if you have picky eaters that might mean a lot of fast food. Camping offers your family the freedom to cook your own meals, so you can feed your family healthy crowd pleasers along with the occasional treat or two (ahem, smores).



3.Learn New Skills

No matter their age, camping can teach kids important life skills. Young kids can learn basic map skills and orienteering, while older kids can help pitch a tent, fish for dinner or man the grill.

4. Family Time

Camping encourages everyone to go back to basics. There’s less distractions, minimal electronic use and occasionally even no phone signal! This means that the vacation really becomes about bonding with family – not about checking emails or uploading Insta stories.


5. New Friends and Old

Camping is a popular family activity and you can choose to go with as many (or as little) family friends or relatives as you like. Kids can make new friends or bond with cousins and keep themselves entertained while the adults can unwind with a book or a glass of wine too.


On June 22-23, we’re celebrating camping and the families who choose to explore the great outdoors. Join our Family Camp and enjoy the benefits of camping as a family!

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