For most couples, Valentine’s Day is a cause for celebration and an opportunity to shower their loved one with love and affection. Ahead of February 14, we’d like to share 3 romantic experiences that you can share with your significant other without breaking the bank.


  • Picnic

Take advantage of the cooler February climate and pack a picnic to enjoy at a park. Aside from considering your loved one’s favorite food and drink, remember that the best picnic food are meals that keep well and are portable.

Keep food and drink chilled and at a safe temperature by using a cooler. For a romantic set-up, bring along cloth napkins, flatware (say no plastic!), flowers, and can holders!

  • Stargazing

With a host of free astronomy apps available for download at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to channel your inner Shane West and Mandy Moore a la ‘Walk to Remember’ to create your own special stargazing moment with your loved one. While the backyard is a great option for those pressed for time, remember that the further you travel out of the city, the more stars you’ll see! No matter where you decide to set up, bring a picnic mat to sit on, cushions for extra comfort and an insulated thermal bottle to hold your loved one’s favorite hot or cold drink.

  • Hiking 

For an active Valentine’s Day activity, hit the local hiking trail with your loved one. With a number of mountains and nature reserves just moments from the city, couples can choose whether to go for a leisurely stroll or to embark on a harder climb. For a romantic atmosphere, time your hike to coincide with sunrise or sunset and pack along gourmet snacks and drinks to share once you’ve made it to the summit.

Bonus points if you bring along a ukulele for a harana.

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